Welcome to ClaimSwap. Claim everything you deserve!
ClaimSwap is a Klaytn DEX based on AMM(Automated Market Maker). KLAYswap, which already provides a similar service, has contributed to expanding the Klaytn Defi ecosystem. However, no other DEX had matured in the ecosystem, leaving users with limited options.
The ClaimSwap team aims to provide a more user-friendly protocol. Just as the Uniswap-Sushiswap case, we look forward to boosting the overall ecosystem with the release of ClaimSwap.

Our Vision

DEX with Money Lego

All ClaimSwap’s code will be made public after an audit, allowing anyone to build their Defi service with the ClaimSwap protocol. The ClaimSwap team will incessantly collaborate with third-party projects for the growth of the Klaytn ecosystem.

Global Klaytn Community Builder

We aim to build a leading global community representing Klaytn ecosystem. We will strive to become a channel where all Klaytn users can communicate, regardless of the project they are involved in. We believe the growth of the overall Klaytn ecosystem would eventually lead to the development of ClaimSwap.

Community Driven Platform led by DAO

Community is the core engine propelling the growth of ClaimSwap. In ClaimSwap, governance token CLA determines all decisions which shape the future of the protocol. Our ultimate goal is to become a protocol led by the community.

Stay in Touch

We will expand the Klaytn ecosystem together with our amazing partners. Our partner list will be released soon before the service launch.
Keep up with the latest ClaimSwap news from the communities listed below. Be aware of scams! The followings are the only official communities run by the ClaimSwap team.
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